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Product Description

1. K518 PRO, 2nd generation product of K518, is a versatile key programming device released by Lonsdor, designed specifically for the technician and locksmiths.
2. Integrated with all functions and features of K518ISE, this tablet device shows more advantages and functionality.
Lonsdor K518 PRO Universal Key Programmer 

K518 PRO, 2nd generation product of K518, is a versatile key programming device released by Lonsdor, designed specifically for technicians and locksmiths. Integrated with all functions and features of its predecessor, this tablet device shows more advantages and functionality, including immobilization, odometer adjustment, remote/smart key generate, adaptor, chip identify and copy, key chip generate, remote frequency detection, ignition coil detect, Toyota smart key settings, one-key update, push function and etc.

Software/Hardware Advantages:

1. Full Version with LT20 Smart Key 2pcs, Toy0ta FP30 Cable, Nissan 40 BCM Cable, JCD FCA 12+8 FCA, JLR Cable and ADP Adapter
2. Trendy tablet design with support frame, better user experience;
3. Based on Android 9, more optimized operation;
4. With Quad-core A7, the strongest computing power, 2 times that of A33;
5. Excellent and powerful ultra-high energy consumption ratio;
6. The first to support 8A(H chip) generation;
7. Added support for CANFD and DoIP protocols.
8. FREE 2 Years Update Online
9. With free Volvo, Nissan new Sylphy Sentra, Toyota AKL, JLR AKL license within software update subscription. (Don't need to pay for license seperately)
10. Multi-language: 
English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Hebrew, Khmer, Burmese, Chinese
11. With Built-in Lonsdor LKE Smart Key Emulator
12. K518PRO vs. K518

Lonsdor K518 PRO Overview
Built in LKE,Bluetooth,File Management,Anti-Theft Deactivation, Access Card Copy; Data Write Initialization, EEPROM Data Mileag Restoration,CAN-FD Protocol, DOIP Protocol.

Highlight model list:

Volvo S40/ S60/ S80/ S90/ V40/ V60/ V70/V90/ C30/ C70/XC40/XC60/ XC70/ XC90 all series
Latest Toyota/Lexus chip type 8A/4A smart key programmed with free pin code
2015-2018 Land Rover/Jaguar key programmed via OBD (no disassembly required)
Land Rover/Jaguar 2018- Change RFA module to program smart key
2018- Land Rover&Jaguar -Turn off UWB PEPS function to program smart key
Latest Mazda smart key all key lost w/o PIN code
Latest Honda chip type 4A smart key all key lost
Latest Subaru chip type 8A smart key programmed
Latest Nissan New Sylphy B18,X-Trail T33 smart key all key lost
Latest Hyundai/Kia chip type 4A/47 smart key programmed
Latest Ford Mustang IMMO program
Latest GM CAN-FD protocol IMMO
90% of 2010-2020 GM models read pin code from BCM
Volkswagen/ Audi/ Skoda/ Seat MOB platform IMMO and odometer adjustment
Ssangyong smart key and mechanical key program
Latest Maserati read pin code and smart key program
Ferrari(458,F12, F149) key programmed via OBD
Support European cars such as Renault, Fiat, Opel, Peugeot, Citroen, Alfa Romeo Lancia, Dacia, etc.
Support  American cars such as Dodge, Chrysler, JEEP, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, anc GMC, etc.
Supports Asian cars such as Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan/lnfiniti, Hyundai, Kia, and Proton, etc.
Supports luxury cars such as Porsche, Land Rover, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, and Cadillac, etc.
Supports Chinese cars such as BYD, Great Wall, Geely, BAlC, Changan, Roewe, MG, Lynk &Co, etc
Support electric cars such as Leading ldeal, Denza, Leap Motor, etc.

Supports other functions like chip decoding, chip simulation, chip identification, remote generation, smart key generation, frequency identification
Support generate key chip like 4D,46,48,T5,793

Function Superiority:

1. More comprehensive functions and features based on K518;
2. Support most car models on the market, luxury, domestic and popular cars all included;
3. Networking/Pincode/OBD program, not required for most models;
4. Support 24V lorry and heavy trucks.

K518 PRO Functions:

Immobilization: Program mechanical key/smart key/remote, etc. Support most of car models on the market, regular updates for new models
Odometer Adjustment: Mileage diagnosis and correction
Generate Remote/smart: Generate smart key/remote/garage door remote
Adaptor: Read and write EEPROM chip/CPU main control chip, read EEPROM Pincode, etc
Special Functions: Identify and copy key chip, generate key chip, detect remote frequency, simulate chip, decode chip, detect ignition coil, key settings, access control card, etc
Push Function: Push the designated function App to user, which will be automatically disabled when expired. Contact us to obtain function not activated yet
OBD II converter: OBD connector’s light can be switched on/off

Lonsdor K518 PRO Special Functions:

Generate key chip:  Support 4D, 46, 48, 7935, 8A and more key chip generation
Identify&Copy chip:  Identify info and status of almost all car key chips on the market
Generate remote:  Detect remote key’s frequency
Simulate chip: Mainly LKE functions, include: simulate 4D/46/8A chip, bind LKE and obtain LKE info, etc
Decode chip: Support 46 and 4D chip decoding
Ignition coil Detect:  if the coil has signal, also identify key type on AKL condition
Key settings: Set Lonsdor 8A and 4D smart key type
Unlock key: Unlock Toyota 8A smart key
Access control card: Identify and copy IC/ID card

K518 PRO Latest Updates:

Update time: July 19th, 2024
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Alhambra\2001-2010\Engine\Bosch(ME7.1/7.5/7.8)-Engine
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Alhambra\2001-2010\IMMO
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Alhambra\2001-2010\Remote
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Alhambra\2011-\IMMO\Auto detect
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Alhambra\2011-\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(NEC+24C64 2013)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Alhambra\2011-\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(NEC+24C64)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Alhambra\2011-\Remote
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Altea\2004-2015\IMMO\Auto detect
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Altea\2004-2015\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(CDC32XX+24C32)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Altea\2004-2015\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(NEC+24C32)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Altea\2004-2015\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(NEC+24C64 2013)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Altea\2004-2015\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(NEC+24C64)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Altea\2004-2015\Remote
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Cordoba\1999-2009\Bosch K line-IMMO
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Cordoba\1999-2009\Engine\Bosch(ME7.1/7.5/7.8)-Engine
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Cordoba\1999-2009\Remote
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Exeo\2009-2014\Bosch K line-IMMO
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Exeo\2009-2014\Engine\Bosch(ME7.1/7.5/7.8)-Engine
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Exeo\2009-2014\Remote
SEAT\Select from vehicle\lbiza\2002-2009\Engine\Bosch(ME7.1/7.5/7.8)-Engine
SEAT\Select from vehicle\lbiza\2002-2009\IMMO
SEAT\Select from vehicle\lbiza\2002-2009\Remote
SEAT\Select from vehicle\lbiza\2008-2016\Engine\Bosch(ME7.1/7.5/7.8)-Engine
SEAT\Select from vehicle\lbiza\2008-2016\IMMO\Auto detect
SEAT\Select from vehicle\lbiza\2008-2016\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(CDC32XX+24C32)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\lbiza\2008-2016\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(NEC+24C32)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\lbiza\2008-2016\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(NEC+24C64 2013)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\lbiza\2008-2016\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(NEC+24C64)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\lbiza\2008-2016\Remote
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Leon\2000-2006\Bosch K line-IMMO
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Leon\2000-2006\Engine\Bosch(ME7.1/7.5/7.8)-Engine
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Leon\2000-2006\Remote
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Leon\2006-2013\IMMO\Auto detect
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Leon\2006-2013\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(CDC32XX+24C32)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Leon\2006-2013\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(NEC+24C32)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Leon\2006-2013\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(NEC+24C64 2013)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Leon\2006-2013\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(NEC+24C64)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Leon\2006-2013\Remote
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Mii\2012-\IMMO\Auto detect
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Mii\2012-\IMMO\Marelli CAN instrument(Marelli 95320)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Mii\2012-\IMMO\Marelli CAN instrument(Marelli 9S12)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Mii\2012-\Remote
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Toledo\1999-2004\Bosch K line-IMMO
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Toledo\1999-2004\Engine\Bosch(ME7.1/7.5/7.8)-Engine
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Toledo\1999-2004\Remote
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Toledo\2005-2010\IMMO\Auto detect
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Toledo\2005-2010\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(CDC32XX+24C32)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Toledo\2005-2010\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(NEC+24C64 2013)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Toledo\2005-2010\IMMO\Dalu CAN instrument(NEC+24C64 2014)
SEAT\Select from vehicle\Toledo\2005-2010\Remote

Specs and Parameter:

Operation system: Android 9
Processor: Allwinner A50
Memory: Ram 2G flash 8G
Display: MIPI 800*1280
WiFi: (802.11 b/g/n)
Bluetooth: 4.1
SD card: support Plug & Unplug
Battery: 5800MA
Input voltage: 12V
Shell material: PC hard shell+TPR60°
Dimension: 26* 3 *16CM


1set x Lonsdor K518 Pro
2pcs x LT20 smart key
1pc x Toyota FP30 cable
1pc x Nissan 40 BCM cable
1pc x JCD 12+8 FCA cable
1pc x JLR AKL active alarm bypass cable
1px x ADP Adapter

lonsdor k518 pro package

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Software Download

1.K518 vs. K518PRO
2.How to Register Lonsdor K518 PRO?

1.K518 vs. K518PRO:

K518 Model no. K518 PRO
Host Hardware and Features
A33 1.3GHZ CPU PX30 1.8GHZ
1+8G RAM 2+8G
2.4G WIFI module Enhanced WIFI
3800mAh Battery 5800mAh
/ Quick charge Support
1024*600 Resolution 1280*800
7 inch Screen 7 Inch full view HD screen
/ Bluetooth module Support
USB File transfer mode Bluetooth+USB
USB方口USB square port USB port Type-C
Touch+button Button Full touch+Shortcuts
25 PINS Host interface 15 PINS
Work with LKE Enhanced Toyota/Lexus Simu-Antenna Built-in
/ Smart key generation interface Support
/ Simu-Antenna interface Support
/ Device bracket Support
/ Enhanced remote detect module Support
little frequency bands Frequency identification range more frequency bands
/ Common function shortcuts Support
Support USB2.0 interface extension Support
/ OBD‖cable self-test Support
/ OBD‖cable illumination Support
/ CAN-FD Protocol module Support
/ DOIP Protocol module Support
Support CAN Protocol module Support
Support SCAN Protocol module Support
Support ISO-9141K-Line Protocol Support
Support ISO-14230 K-Line Protocol Support
Support ISO-15765 CAN Protocol Support
Support ISO-11898-2 DWCAN Protocol Support
Support ISO-11898-3 DWFTCAN Protocol Support
Support SAE-J1850VPW Protocol Support
Support SAE-J1850-PWM Protocol Support
Support SAE-J2411 SWCAN Protocol Support
Support SAE-J2610 SCI Protocol Support
Support SAE-J1567 CCD bus Protocol Support
Support SAE-J2740 Protocol Support
Support SAE-J2809 Protocol Support
Support VAG TP16 CAN Protocol Support
Support SAE-J2819 Protocol Support
Support SAE-J2818 Protocol Support
Support NISSAN DDL UART Protocol Support
Support BMW DS2 Protocol Support
Support Ford UBP Protocol Support
Support J1850 Protocol module Support
Support some models EV Support
Support some models Hybrid Vehicle Support
Support some models Diesel Vehicle Support
/ Generate emergency key Support
/ Disable immo Support
/ Access card IC/ID card copy Support
/ Write-to-start Support
Support Generate smart key Support
Support Generate garage remote Support
Support Detect ignition coil Support
Support Unlock Toyota working key Support
Part Support Generate key chip Support
Support Identify & copy chip Support
Support Hex editor Support
Support decode chip Support
/ File manager/edit Support
Support EEPROM data odometer adjustment Support
Not Support Auto-identify immo system Part Support
Support Read & Write MCU data Support
/ Common function shortcuts Support
/ File manager/edit Support
/ Disable immo Support
/ Acess card copy Support
/ Write-to-start Support
/ EEPROM data odometer adjustment Support
/ CAN-FD protocol Support
/ DOIP protocol Support
Support CAN protocol Support
Support SCAN protocol Support
Support K-LINE protocol Support
Support J1850 protocol Support
Support Hex editor Support
Support Decode chip Support
Software Charge
one year Free Annual subscription two years
Charge Volvo license Free
Charge Lynk&Co license Free
Charge Nissan license Free
Charge Toyota license Free
Charge Jaguar Land Rover license Free
Charge LEXUS license Free
  Enhanced Toyota/Lexus Simu-Antenna  
Work with LKE Emulator KPROG adaptor Built in
Support 16+32 cable Support
Support L-JCD cable Support
Support JLR cable Support
Support Third part decoder Support

2.How to Register Lonsdor K518 PRO?
Go to 'Registration activation'.
We have 'New user registration and device activation' and 'Registered user device activation'.
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