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Product Description

Ultra capable in reading writing and calculating.
No Points required when using VVDI MLB specialized key.

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  • It can work with VVDI2 or KEY TOOL PLUS, Support VVDI MLB special submachine, Support original key
  • Excel in key adding for MLB models
  • No Need to Remove the Chip
  • Wireless Key Generation for Ultimate Convenience
  • Immo Detection Made Easy
  • Compatilility with Original Keys and Xhorse Specialized Keys
  • Rewrite Uninitialized Key IDs
  • No Need for On-Vehicle Data Collection

  • To use the MLB key learning function, need to use with VVDI2 or Key tool Plus
  • The device needs to activate license for MQB and Audi 5th generation key learning 

The following two scenarios require points deduction for MLB calculations:
1. When adding keys, points will be deducted to calculate the IMMO data.
2. When doing key recovery, the second-hand key has been initialized and unlocked, but does not have the IMMO data of the key. You need to deduct a few points to collect and calculate the IMMO data of the key before it can be restored.

Excel in key adding for MLB models

  • Support adding keys for Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Lamborghini,Bentley, and other MLB vehicle models.

No Need to Remove the Chip

  • Key data calculation requires only the disassembly of the key shell, with no need to remove the chip.
  • Integrated with a 22k reader, it enables wireless key reading and writing without shell removal

Wireless Key Generation for Ultimate Convenience
  • Generate original dealership keys and Xhorse specialized keys wirelessly.

Immo Detection Made Easy
  • Built-in Immo detection module supports wireless key recognition.

Compatilility with Original Keys and Xhorse Specialized Keys
  • Support brand-new original keys (uninitialized/initialized) and can verify the status of the original keys.
  • Support VVDI MLB specalized keys for unlimited reuse.

Rewrite Uninitialized Key IDs
  • Support rewriting uninitialized original key IDs.

No Need for On-Vehicle Data Collection
  • Simply collect key data. upload for calculation, and obtain Immo data without needing to access the vehicle.

Xhorse VVDI MLB Tool Software Display:

Package includes:

1pc x Xhorse MLB-Tool A PRO Tool for MLB PN XDMLB0 Work with VVDI2 or KEY TOOL PLUS

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Software Download

VVDI MLB Tool vs. KYDZ MLB Tool:
Image vvdi mlb tool kydz tool
In-vehicle Data Calculation × ×
Remove MCU ×
Adapter ×
Add Key
All Key Lost × ×
Compatible Keys OEM/ VVDI MLB Key OEM
Compatible Tools VVDI2/ Key Tool Plus 5C OBD Helper (in package)/ Lonsdor K518 PRO
Token Each online calculation costs 200 potins.
Free 200 points in VVDI MLB Keys or generate VVDI Keys to get free points
Each online calculation costs 1 token.
Free 3 tokens in package and $50 per token

1)Both tools don't require key data calculation in vehicle
2)KYDZ requires users to remove MCU but some adapters are added to package
3)Tokens/ points are required for both tools to calculate data, but for Xhorse users, VVDI-MLB Tool saves a lot

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