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1.Can elm327 do these cars?1) 1997 GM Saturn 2) 1998 Toyota 4Runner 3) 2000 Didge caravan. 
   The available cars and unavailable cars are all listed in details on our website,you can check it on our website,if you can not see your car type,it means it can not do your car.

2.How can you download the driver software on our website ?
   You can go to our website:www.cardiagtool.co.uk,and then find the colunm “OBD2 Technical Service”, find the elm327,just download the document.

3.How to update the software for op-com?
   If you buy the old op-com 2008 from our company before ,now we have op-com 2009, 2009.7 version ,it is the latest software. If you want to update, pls let us know, we will send the new software version to you for updating. You just install the new software on your computer.
If your op-com 2008 was not bought from us, if you use our software to update ,it may cause your product destroyed. So pls be careful to use, customers should confirm that you bought the op-com from us.

4.How to know the MVP password?
   The password is on the back of the mvp, when you buy it ,and receive the product, you will see the password. We cannot tell you the password if you don't buy the mvp from us.

5. What car types can Tacho pro 2008 do ?And to which year?
    For the car types, you can download a PDF file, listed the available car types.It just can do cars to the year 2006.

6. Is VCM programming with a pin code?
    Yes, when do programming function, it needs pin code, customers should ask their car dealer for the pin code.

7.Fly 100 and Fly 108 can do civic 2008 car for programming ?
   Fly 108 can program the civic 2008,and also can do accord 2000, but for honda cars fly 100 is better.

8.Is it easy to use AK400 for the starter?And the year for the benz and bmw cars?
   Yes ,it is easy for customers to use ak400,if you don’t know how to use it, we will send the operation vedio to you,you can do with the vedio telling you.
   For benz cars ,ak400 can do from the year 1995-2007,for bmw cars,it can do from the year 2002 to 2008.
   If you want to do 2009 year cars,ak500 can do .

9. Can gs500 update? How to use it?gs500 and Professional OBD-II EOBD Code Reader Scanner,what difference between them?
   Gs500 can not update.There is user manuel with the product,you can do with the instructions of the manuel,and the compatible cars are also listed on the user’s manuel.
Gs500 and OBD-II EOBD Code Reader Scanner are both good,they are the same price,but the latter can do more cars than gs500,except VW,Audi cars,and it sells very well.

10.What does free shipping mean?
     Free shipping means that we send the product to anywhere all over the world by singpost airmail, it is free for the shipping cost,you just pay the cost of the product.Delivery needs 12-15 working days.

11.For elm 327,customer can not connect on any of the com port settings,how do they do?
    If you encounter this case,pls contact us.we will send a file to you for instructions to solve this problem.

12. IMMO login code read (K+CAN) can do key programming?
      No,it can not do key programming,just read code.

13.For TWINB C4 +GT1 ,how to use it? If any problems with the tool,how to solve it?
    Twinb c4 +GT1 now has two versions,not only for IBM T30 laptop,but also fit for all the computers.There is a hardisk including the software,you just install it on your computer ,it is very easy to use.
   And every hardisk has a code for it,if there is any problems with the tool,you just give us the self-test report of the tool and the code,we can know what the problems with the product,so we can fix the problems for you on your side,do not need to send the device back to us for repair.
  Twinb c4 and GT1 has good quality,when sent out,we always test the functions of it.And the SSS is the same as the old GT1,also the same as DIS.

14. What car types can do for Mitchell Information V2009 Easy Install?
      The Mtchell Information can do basically all types of cars from the year 1983 to 2009,like auto data,nearly all the American,European and Asian cars.

15.For 812.4 cable, Does it also include the diagnostic software for Audi Q7, A4, A6? Is the diagnostic software in English and compatible with Vista? Still need any other software to diagnose and fix errors on the car?
    Firstly it includes the software for Audi Q7,A4,A6,it can do these cars.You can check it on our website.
    Secondly, the software is English,and for the computer system,it is better to use XP system.
    Thirdly,it doesn’t need other software to diagnose and fix errors on the car,we will provide software with this cable.

16.What is the difference between the c3 and c4?
     For the functions,the c3 and c4 are almost the same,they all have 2 verions for the hardisk, one is for IBM T30 laptop,and the other is fit for all the computer.The software is all included on the hardisk,it is ok that you just install the software on your computer.
     But for the anti-interupting ability,c4 is stronger than c3. It means when c4 tests cars,it is hard to influence by the environment outside,such as magnetic field ,noise and so on. From the appearance,the volume of c4 is smaller than c3.
     In short,they are almost the same good quality and functions,it is up to you to choose which one is your best wanted.

17.What types of cars can Professional OBD-II EOBD Code Reader Scanner do?and the year?
    This tool can do almost all the cars from the year 1996-2008,except VW cars.But 908.1 cable can do VW cars till the year 2010.

18.What is the difference among elm327(plastic) elm327(metal box) and bluetooth elm327?can they update?
     For these three kinds of elm 327,they have the same functions,the only diference is the interface.The plastice elm327 just have USB interface;the metal box elm327 has two interfaces:USB interface and COM interface;the bluetooth one doesn’t have any interface,it works by the bluetooth.
    For these elm 327,they all can not update.

19.For the AUDI TT,which cable can do it?
     For the AUDI TT,the 409.1 cable ,704.1 cable and 805.1 cable all can do this car.there are a few choice for you.
you can check it on our website,and then decide which one is your best choice.

20.What is difference between Audi VW ACTIVATOR PORSCHE VAG K CAN COMMANDER 3.6 and VAG CAN Commander 5.1?What is software language?
(1).There are many difference on the functions:
      The main functions for commander 5.1 is daignostic,such as display diagnostic DTC code,read and clear DTCs,read security access code of immobilizer,eeprom and flash memory of instrument cluster ,and so on.
     But for commander 3.0,it can reset mileage,read security code,read and write EEPROM memory,do ecu programming,key learning function,and so on
     You can check it on our website, the functions of these two tools are clarified very clearly on our website.The compatible cars for each funciton are all listed on our website,you can check it on our website.
(2).For the software language,it is just English version.

21.How to install the software of 5054A?
     For the installment of 5054A,it is active version,do not need enter key.
    When you have installed the software on the CD from us,you may encounter this case:after you run VAS-PC,it would say Hardware-ID and want enter key,in fact it doesnt need enter key ,don't worry about it. You can activate your software with the 8 numbers that appeared when you installed the software ,or if you can not do this,you just give us the 8 numbers.And our technician will activate your software for you.

22.What kinds of cars can Uniscan 1.83?And what is the interface?
     Uniscan 1.83 just can do European cars,can not do Asian cars,it is marked clearly on our website.
    Uniscan 1.83 just has com port interface,don't have USB interface.

23.GT1(BMW GT1 DIS V56 SSS V32 Fit all computer) and OPS (BMW OPS DIS V57 SSS V32) are the same?
    Though they are both professional diagnstic tool ,but GT1 and OPS are 2 different tools.
    GT1 tend to do old cars,OPS tends to do new cars. And OPS can do programming,but GT1 can not,it is just strong diagnostic function.For the price,the OPS is more expensive than GT1.
GT1 now is also new version,it now not only can fit for IBM T30 computer,but also can fit for all kinds of computer.No limitation!And these 2 tools both have good quality and they both have 1year warranty.

24.Can XPROG-M update?What is the version of XPROG-M?
     The software of XPROG-M can not update,but the firmware of the XPROG-M can update,but it needs extra charges to update.
     There are 2 versions for the XPROG-M,one version is 4.2v,the other is 4.5v.

25.The version of software and hardware for elm 327?
     The version for software is 1.12v,and the version of hardware is 1.5v.

26.How to update for the GNA600?
     GNA600 can update by CD,you can send the serial number on the main unit to us,our technician will update the software for you,and then will send the new version CD to you.Then it is ok that you can install the software on your computer.

27.How to use vag 908.1?
     When you use the vag 908.1,pls do it on the Windows XP system,do not on other system.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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