(Solved) SVCI 2020 SVCI 2019 Interface not calibrated Error etc.

Original SVCI 2020 and SVCI 2019 have more software and fewer button batteries than SVCI 2018. No need to be activated, and does not lock the machine etc. So they become more and more popular with users. And we also received some common problem feedbacks from customers. Now share them and the related solution offered by cardiagtool.co.uk engineer.

Error: SVCI 2019 or SVCI 2020 software “Connection Error: Interface not connected/calibrated!”

The solution: In general, caused this error that is the windows system compatible problem.  This problem will not occur if you install svci2019 or svci2020 software in win10 64bit professional.

The main reason for this error is that the USB driver version is too lower. By default, v2.12.28 version driver will be installed in the system, but this version driver cannot be successfully installed due to system reasons.

The solution is to update the USB drive v2.8.24 to v2.12.28.

Free download:
1).USB driver v2.12.28-x86: https://mega.nz/#!qOIjFAbS!3RGqKbM9wAxihMB44mNKC58DbNhL66O0GLDlFY8gbYE
Size: 1.6 MB
2).USB driver v2.12.28-x64: https ://mega.nz/#!6LozXIwC!3RGqKbM9wAxihMB44mNKC58DbNhL66O0GLDlFY8gbYE
size:1.6 MB

Here is the video of how to solve the connection error:
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