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[Ship from EU NO TAX] V108 OEM VCM II IDS For Ford Multi-Language Diagnostic Tool Support Key Programming

[Ship from EU NO TAX] V108 OEM VCM II IDS For Ford Multi-Language Diagnostic Tool Support Key Programming

  • Item No. SP177
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OEM VCM II IDS For Ford Multi-Language Diagnostic Tool V108 Support Key Programming:
1 Support Key Programming.It can do ford cars from 1996-2016.
2 Update by CD.
3 Can do Ecu program.

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by David Huther on Jun 18, 2019
CFR (Fight recorder) does not work. VCM seems to work otherwise for pulling codes and reading data. Vendor has been of ZERO help getting it fixed. Their responses are useless for several reasons. Quick questions/sentences that have obvious English barriers. they want me to add them on skype. they respond to emails when the USA is asleep. they finally send me a link to download a .iso file (which was almost impossible to do being in Chinese). the .iso file had 3 malwares in AVG and one in malwarebytes. i finally install XP SP3 like they eloquently said to do and started looking at the .iso files. it seems to be mostly useless. readme files are gibberish and wont translate. Symantec ghost seems to be the only usefile in there and i have no idea on what to do with it.
by Mr.Hasmin PENGAL on Dec 8, 2018
how can I update to newest version?
Replied by Summer on Dec 8, 2018
Hello friend,

Nice day!

If you want latest version, you can buy the software:


by Mr.peppe on Jun 7, 2017
You can tell me how to install the vcm, watch video on youtube but i can not get it running i have the vcm98 hello
Replied by Summer on Jun 7, 2017
Hello, could you tell me the order number of the vcm2? And now the newest version is V100, you can use the newest one


by Mr.David Anatoliev on May 9, 2017
can I update?
Replied by Summer on May 9, 2017
Hello friend,

Nice day!

It updates via CD


by Mr.Nesi Yadid on May 9, 2017
what's the newest version
Replied by Summer on May 9, 2017
Hello friend,

Nice day!

The newest version is V100


by Mr.mario on Jul 21, 2016
marshall quero saber se faz programaçao de modulos da transmission ford power shift funçao eu sei que faz quero programar modulo pcm tcm qual e sua versao
by Mr.mario on Jul 19, 2016
marshal este vcm 2 v 100 faz programaçao de modulos
Replied by Marshall on Jul 20, 2016
Yes,it can 

by mario on Jul 17, 2016
tenho a interface voçe instala programa para mim pelo teamvuewer
Replied by Marshall on Jul 17, 2016
we have install video,you can follow our video first,
In cd ,also have install video,my friend

by Ed Mendoza on Jun 27, 2016
Very good item!
by je cardella on Jun 14, 2016
Very smart and useful tool
by Patrick resoul on Jun 14, 2016
all is ok
by Mr.Scott on Jun 14, 2016
Hi marshal got my machine working now brilliant how can I programming keys do I need incode outcode and also do I need tokens. Can I remove speed limiter thanks
Replied by Marshall on Jun 14, 2016
Dear my friend

for incode and out code,you need buy this tool to help you and work with VCM2

this tool cannot remove speed limited

by Mr.Scot on Jun 8, 2016
Hi I can't make it work it said that the vcm is newer that the ids
Replied by Marshall on Jun 9, 2016
dear my friend

can you tell me your order number
which version of software do you use?

by Mr.Nikolaj on Apr 26, 2016
Hi bought VCM II but did`t receive shipping confirmation ??
Replied by Marshall on Apr 26, 2016
Dear sir

we have shipped out all SP177 we sold,can you give me your order number

and we maybe delayed some order from 22th-25th,as this 4 days,we are in holiday,but we have shipped all on 26th


thanks for your waiting and understanding

by ovidola  on Sep 16, 2015
too fast and contented as I am. I'll do lots of use
Replied by 李思琪 on Sep 16, 2015
Dear friend

Thank you so much for your positive feedback, if you need any help,pls feel free to contact us again

Best regards
by cladio andueza on Sep 7, 2015
hola este producto que te compreV91 OEM VCM II IDS no es compatible con Win7 que tengo en mi lap vendan algo q funcione por favor
Replied by Cindy on Sep 7, 2015
hello sir

How are you?

Did you tried on XP system?

You better use XP.

It only supports few WIN7, not all.

Hope you can understand.


by Mr.Jose on Aug 12, 2015
Supports 2003 car?
I understand you have to be a dedicated laptop only IDS, but specifications have to have? I can install in win7?
best regards
Replied by Marshall on Aug 12, 2015
dear sir

this tool only can install on XP PRO system 

support 2003 ford

by Daniel on Aug 3, 2015
Hi my vamp does not come on on my computer after plugging the USB what could be the problem
Replied by Cindy on Aug 3, 2015
Hello sir,

Did you bought from us?

Give me your order number please.


by Taron Mkrtchyan on Jul 26, 2015
If I bought this tool from you,can you teach me how to program ecu or immo?
Replied by Marshall on Jul 26, 2015
dear sir

so sorry,we only can help you how to install,cannot teach you how to use or to deal with cars

we only sales tools,not fix car

by Mr.Nensi on Jun 28, 2015
I'm interested in your product Ford VCM IDS II. First, to apologize for my bad English or I from Croatian. I'd like to buy your product just to ask if he can encode nozzles, replacement of pumps, motors and computers that used when installed in another vehicle. Do I get a pointer zua install.
Please give to the coding works and what needs to be with him.
Kindest regards.
Replied by Cindy on Jun 28, 2015
Hello sir,

Thanks for your visit.

Here is the functions of Ford VCM IDS II.

Automatic vehicle recognition
* Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
* Live Data-stream with Recording & Playback Functions for Main ECUs
* Guided Fault Finding
* New Software Re-flash for Existing ECUs
* Programming & Installation of new ECUs (PCM, ABS, Instrument Cluster, Air Bag, Fuel Pumps, etc.)
* Program New Keys
* Injector Coding
* Set, Adjust or Remove Speed Governors
* DPF Regeneration
* Brake Bleeding
* Steering Angle Resets
* All Other Dealer Functions

1 Operating system:Windows XP Or Few WIN7.
2 No anti-virus software in computer.
3 If you want to do ECU program,but no license or no patch,please contact sales,we will send you online.



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