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EU/UK Ship V1.27 PCMtuner ECU Programmer Free Online Update Support Pinout Diagram with Free Damaos for Users

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5 PCMtuner V1.27: Support 67 Models V1.27 PCMtuner ECU Programmer Free Online Update Support Pinout Diagram with Free Damaos for Users
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Lonsdor K518 PRO New Arrival

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Product Description

1. 67 Modules in 1, supports tune file, adblue , scr ,dpf , vmax, stage1-3, popbangs
2. Newly Added 44 new protocols, Bosch ECU Read and Write without opening the shell
3. With VR server for all legal users
4. With helpdesk to support the tuner
5. Supports connection by OBD, BENCH, and BOOT modes
PCMtuner V1.27 ECU Programmer Support 67 Models

PCM Tuner Highlights:

1. PCMtuner tool can read and write ECU data through OBD, BENCH, and BOOT modes.
2. PCMtuner performs a complete backup of ECU data, easy ECUs clones, and  power upgrades. It can also support read and write gearboxes.
3. Compared with version 1.20, PCMtuner has add 44 new protocols ,Bosch ECU read/write protocols without opening the cover.
4. PCMtuner software allows you to forcibly write (forcibly clone) without verification, and supports forcibly reading and writing unknown ECUs with supported chip models.
5. PCMtuner supply VR files for all legal users, we also have helpdesk for them. Moreover, we can offer you a platform to work with our high level tuners, from whom you may learn a lot.
6. PCMtuner Dongle can be purchased separately if need to update your old KTM100 or KTM 3 in 1 to 67 modules
7. Free Update Online, No subscription, no annual fee.
8. Offer Pinout Diagram with Free Damaos for Users
9. Master version, read and save data in Bin format, data is not encrypted
10. Has a USB dongle, all licenses for the modules are on the dongle.
V1.27 PCMtuner Software Download
12. Helpdesk supply free Damaos for tuner
(Free damaos as WinOLS damaso file ,WinOLS damaos and MAP package)
13. Adds MG1 MD1 EDC17 MED9 ECUs with Fetrotech Tool Plugin
14. Two Years Warranty
15. PCMTuner Bulk Sales, Save more money for you. Our WhatsAPP: +86 15002705698
  • 5PCS Pcmtuner €1237
  • 10PCS Pcmtuner €2371

Warm Notice:  
  • Use software that comes with the device ONLY. Using other programs may lock the device. We are not responsible for the damage.
  • Strongly recommend installing PCMtuner on Windows 10 to get the best performance.
  • Please don't update PCMflash to V1.2.5, the factory doesn't have this plan yet, if they release new version, we will inform you on website.
  • Once change another laptop to install, need to provide S/N to activate software again
  • New version adds a new function MPM plug and Scanners (need MPM plug hardware for American ECU TCU like GM, Chrysler, Ford)
  • With new dongle, no overheat issue.
  • PCMtuner Wiring Diagrams for 58 61 71 protocols
PCMTuner Bench Connection Diagram: (With GT105 Plus OBD2 Jumper Cable)

V1.2.7 Update Notice:
1) Add Fetrotech plugin order window
2) PCMtuner Flash was added, New GUI set up, easier to use

How to Install and Activate the PCMtuner?

Please refer to below video or the instruction to install the pcmtuner. (Learn more)

After you install the software, please send the registered email to us to activate.

And after activation, you can open the software to use directly, and for VZperformance, the username is your email, and the password is the serial number.

Two Ways to Update KTM Bench or KTM 3 In 1 to PCMtuner:

1. You are offered to buy PCMtuner dongle alone, to update your KTM BENCH1.2 or KTM 3 in 1 to get new functions of PCMtuner
2. You can send the old dongle of KTM BENCH1.2 or KTM 3 in 1 to us to exchange new smart dongle of PCMtuner 

PCMTuner Functions:
1. Read and write ECU data.
2. ECU clone.
3. ECU parameter adjustment
4. ECU maintenance engineering
5. Chip tuning
6. Read ECU maps
7. Checksum correction
8. Stage1-3, gearbox tuning , LC, sportdisplay , immo off, adblue off, dpf off, dtc off ,vmax ,swirl off
Service Item Item No.
Stage 1 (for stock car) XNR-SS368
Stage 2 (for modify intak and  exhuast system car) XNR-SS369
Stage 3 (for big turbo changed car) XNR-SS370
Other Functions (GPF/OPF Removal, DPF Removal, EGR Removal, Popcorn Activation, etc) XNR-SS367
9. Read flash and ep files
10. Powertrain adjustment
11. Support online update
12. VR files supply 
13. Pinout comewith
14. Helpdesk and tuner account 
15. OBD2 reading
16. Cover-free wielding-free no disassembly data reading, greatly reduce the risk of destroying the ECU, bench mode.
17. Cover-opening data reading, boot mode
pcmtuner main function list

If you already own the PCMTuner V1.26, you will get a tuner account. What can we do when we have this account:

A: 1: A lot of VR files online for you
2: Professinal tuner can download our WinOLS damaos, A2L, map package for modifying ECU files. (as we all know, these data very expensive when you go to order, don't worry, we don't charge any fee for our user)
3: Any others we can do for this account, of course, we have magic function for you if you can’t tuning by yourself, no pro, what our tuner can help you do
For example:
  • stage1 stage2 stage3
  • popbangs
  • Immo off
  • BMW sportdisplay
  • tuning gearbox , such as Luach control 6dtc off
  • adblue off 8 dpf off
  • vmax
  • 3 bar sensor map
  • torque off
  • MAF off
  • map switch
  • deactive or active sprot exhuast vavel
So many services we can do, but these are charge fee, any you want just charge 50 euro, of course, you can tune if you have knowledge about that.

4. Face to face our tuner, can give some guide for you on chip tuning

Q: Why to choose this PCMtuner?

1. Tuner desgin it, more suitable ours group
2. We know what tuner want
3. Not only for chiptuning but also for locksmith and ecu repairs worker
4. Not noly just for read and write, but can supply more solution for you when you have our tool
5. We are from a tuner group, so we can give more support for all our legal user

Q: How can we get a tuner account?
Order pcmtuner, then ask your seller help you creat account for you then link to your tool.
You can login to here: https://support.vz-performance.com/ (attention: all user account must request from your seller, you can't create by yourself)

Q: How Can I Know What Your Tool can Support?
Plz go to https://www.tuner-box.com/ to check the support list.
Important notice, if you order the pcmtuner, when you register it, plz ask your us to request active it, then you will get a pcmtuner tool support account too, the user name is your register email, what the password is your tool serails number, it's auto created, just your tool is activated.

Q: I don't have pcmtuner but have ktm tools, how to get this support?
A: Upgrade your old ktm serials dongle as PCMtuner smart dongle, then you will get our software and account.

Package Includes:

1pc x BENCH/BOOT Cable,
1pc x OBD Cable,
1pc x Power Adapter,
1pc x Master Interface,
1pc x USB cable ,
1pc x Smart Dongle.


PCM Tuner PCB Display:

PCM Tuner Customer Feedback:

Audi A6 edc17cp14 por boot ok
Bmw X3 Bosch edc17cp02 por bench ok
Seat Ibiza ecu Bosch edc17cp02 por bench ok
PSA sid208 write boot mode
Golf 7 GTD EDC17C74 read write ok
Simos pcr2.1 Passat b7 2010 by obd ok
successfully read and wrote the EDC17C10 PSA Peugeot 308
Nissan 350z !!! Reading ok
Subaru forester obd read ok
Sirocco MED17.5.5 DTC OFF BENCH
VAG DQ200 TCU Read & Write all fine without any issues
VW Golf Bosch EDC17C64 TC1797 write ok
Desactivate Filter Particle Citroen C3 2012 Edc17c10 ok
mitshubisi pajero 3.2d 2013 read write flash eeprom
Denso mitshubishi obd perfect
PSA edc17c60 work fine after tprot off with a HEX editor
DPF off on a insignia 2011. Edc17c19. Bench read/write without any problems
Edc17cp 14 via obd very good
read and writing  ford focus rs mk3 350 hp perfekt with mapswitch code
Thank you very much, the group administrator installed the PCMtuner 1.21 software for me
along with the Ktm bench 3 in 1. Everything went very quickly and efficiently.

200 Newly-added Bosch MED/EDC17 Read/Write Protocols Without Opening the Cover.
VAG Simos 12.1, 12.2
VAG Simos PCR2.1 
Hyundai/KIA SIM2K-240, SIM2K-241,SIM2K-250, SIM2K-251, SIM2K-260, SIM2K-305, MT86
Ford/LR SID208 Flash read
Scania EMS S8 BAM. Just 3 point PCB connection into VIA holes. Can be connected without removing gel.
MB SID307, SID310
Renault SID307, SID309, SID310
Porsche SDI21.x
Mitsubishi E6T83XXX, E6T32xxx
Isuzu Transtron SH72544R
Isuzu Transtron L4.3
Hino EDC7UC31
Hyundai, Greatwall DCM6.2AP
and others...
Coming soon:
VAG Simos 18.1, 18.2
VAG Simos 18.10
FCA Marelli 8GMK/8GML, MJ9DF, 10GF
BMW MSD80, MSV80, MSD81, MSD85.0/MSD85.4, MSD85.1/MSD85.3, MSD87.1/MSD87.2, MSV90

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Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Email:  sales@CarDiagTool.co.uk
Skype: cardiag.co.uk
Whatsapp: +86 15002705698

Scan QR Code to Order By Mobile Phone

Shipping Method & Delivery:

UK/EU Warehouse Shipping: 3-5 working days. Fast Delivery No Tax.
EU Check: Ship from EU
UK Check: Ship from UK
DHL Shipping: 5-7 working days, you need pay some tax to your customs. Usually we declare a lower price on DHL invoice to help with customs clearance. If your address belongs to remote area, customer will need to pay remote handling cost. Please remember to leave message if you have any special requirement.
Yanwen Express: 10-15 working days. No Tax or remote cost for European Countries.
Yodel/Royal Mail: Just for United Kingdom. No Tax, and the delivery is about 7-10 days.
Standard Post: The delivery is about 15-20 days, no tax. Order under $150 normally with default shipping Standard Post, customers can tick for Express Shipping Service to ship by DHL.
Warranty Item:
Almost all item has one year warranty.
We also offer free fix to almost item we sold within one year, free repair. Man-made damage need pay.
We not offer warranty on keys,cables,adapter,online sent software ,please notice it.


How to Install and Use PCMtuner V1.26 Software (Download Link Attached)

PCMtuner Package and Function Display (MEVD17.2.3)

V1.21 PCMtuner Software Installation & MED17.5 TC1766 Test

Software Download

Part 1. Win7 System Bug Fix
Part 2. PCMtuner Installation, Registration & Activation, and VR & Tune File
Part 3. PCMtuner Update
Part 4. CG FC200 vs PCMtuner
Part 5. PCMtuner FAQs
Part 6. PCMtuner File Service (Immo off, dtc off, dpf remove, etc.)

Part 1. Win7 System Bug Fix (If you use win10, please ignore this)

If the PCMtuner customers use Win7 system computer and cannot connect it to the server, they can download and install the plugin from the Microsoft company. The links are as below:

Win7 64bit Patch

Win7 32bit Patch

After you fix your win7 system, you can connect it to the server.

Part 2. PCMtuner Installation, Registration & Activation, and VR & Tune File

*Before Installation, disable anti-virus software coming with Win10 system!!!

1. Installation

There are 3 programs we need:
PCMtuner - Connection Diagrams
PCMflash - ECU Read&Write
VZperformance - VR file

Before downloading, please
1)Connect PCMtuner & Smart dongle to your PC
2)Supply 12v power to PCMtuner

Then download Software Package,
Or go to the official website "http://www.tuner-box.com/", input your email and phone number to donwload.

Unzip the software package, there are 3 files (the download link includes 2 optional files about diagrams)

Run "PCM_Setup.exe" and click on "Install Applications".

Follow instructions. (Do Not click on "Launch XXX now" during this step)
1)Download "PCMflash".
When it's done, Do Not click on "Launch PCMflash now", and just click on "Finish" to download the next thing.

2)Donwload "Scanmatik".
Same, Do Not click on "Launch Scanmatik", just click on "Finish" to close the window.

2. Registration & Activation

Run "PCM Tuner".
It will prompt to register.

Input your info and click on "Submit".

Restart the app, and it will ask you to activate.

Now your account will be automatically activated within 24-48 hours.
If not, contact us and attach your email and device ID (on deivce's back), we'll activate your account.

Activation will generate 2 user accounts:
https://support.vz-performance.com: User Name= Registered Email, Password= Serial Number
https://www.tuner-box.com: User Name= Registered Email, Password= Serial Number

When it's done, we'll inform you.
Then you can open up "PCMtuner".

To use VR file and damaos, you need to download "VZperformance" app or login in "https://support.vz-performance.com/".
After activation, the username is your email, and the password is the serial number, you can change the password in the future.

3. How to Search VR files and WinOLS damaos by your tuner account?

On VZperformance, click on “Search”, enter part number/SW version of VR files you want and download.

To buy tune files, click on “Create new ticket”, attach the car model, ECU type, the function you want, and click on "Send ticket".

When we receive your order, the file will be made and transferred back to you on VZperformance.
Then you can download the tune file you want.

Part 3. PCMtuner Update
Initially, PCMtuner is V1.27 and PCMflash is V1.20.

1)How to Update PCMtuner?
Now the latest version is V1.2.7.
pcmtuner flash

*Do Not Click Yes when PCMflash prompts you to update.

On PCMtuner, when we click "Read and Write" to open PCMflash, it wil prompt "PCMtuner Flash not found".

To Update PCMtuner V1.27, go to tuner-box.com and download PCMTuner Flash. (or just Click Download)
download pcmtuner flash

Installation will ask for activation.

Send registered email, activation code, and SN number (you can find device ID on the back) to info@tuner-box.com, then the official will send back a license file for activation.
device id

On PC, go to "PCMtuner Flash" folder.
Put the license file here.
file replacement
Set the default opening method of the digital certificate to “PCMtuner Flash”

default open
default open

Part of early PCMtuner don't have a device ID, please contact us for activation.
For PCMtuner Dongle users, please send device ID + dongle picture to your us for activation.

If PCMtuner Flash still don't respond to any clicks, try to change the language Unicode as worldwide beta version, language Unicode as Simplified China (its Unicode not display language), then restart your laptop.
2)How to Update PCMflash?
PCMflash V1.2.7 is not available. When PCMflash or PCMtuner flash prompts you to update, click "No".
pcmflash update

Note: PCMtuner Device is compatible with original V1.27 PCMflash software, users can buy the latest V1.27 PCMflash themselves.

Part 4. CG FC200 vs PCMtuner
Item CG FC200 PCMTuner
Software Language English, French, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Chinese English and Russian
Dongle No USB Smart Dongle
Offline/online It should work online and with 12v power supply. Work offline, VR need online.
ECU Search Search ecu by bosch ecu number, car brand Search ecu by bosch ecu number, car brand
Operation Mode Bench, boot and OBD mode Bench, boot and OBD mode
ECU types Bosch Bosch, magneti marelli, continental or siemens
Virtual reading No online access to VR files
Wiring diagram Device shows you wiring diagram Check wiring in PCMTuner, online update wiring diagram
Tuner account for dpf, egr, adblue off and remap No Yes
Read BMW ISN Yes, read ISN, change ISN and change VIN No
Checksum can calculate checksum online as long as the subscription is active Yes
Activation Yes, provide S/N to activate Yes, automatically activated within 24hours after registration
License Full License 67 modules in 1
Option solderless adapter Yes, FC200 Optional adapter: No Need Disassembly Adapter for 6HP 8HP MSV90 N55 N20 B48 B58 B38 etc No
Update & Subscription 1 Year Free update, subscription is $125/ year PCMTuner free update online, No subscription, No annual fee, No monthly fee.
PCM-Flash update by new dongle
ECU list FC200 ECU List PCMTuner ECU List

1.CG FC200 Pros& Cons:

Has more protocols 
Supports more multi-languages
Read BMW ISN, change ISN & VIN
It tells you method and function of that ECU.
Get a bunch of pins and each pins got its different size to fit on these pins
Shows wiring diagram, you could zoom in and out
Very fast to read BMW MSD MSV ISN on bench

Can only do checksum fix online, checksum won’t work if the subscription expires.
Works only on mostly Bosch ECUs and some siemens old ECUs
Only some BMW ECU can be done via OBD
Don’t have a lot of Japanese ECUs (siemens or denso ecus)
Cannot be used for dpf,egr, adblue off and remap

2. PCMtuner Pros& Cons:

Works on Bosch ECUs, Magneti Marelli, Continetial or Siemens
Supports virtual reading-online access to VR files

 Cannot do BMW ECUs (EDC17xx etc)
Cannot read BMW ISN, change ISN & VIN
Though PCMtuner 1.21 has its own tuner account for dpf,egr, adblue off and remap, but they’re paid items.

How to choose, which one better?

It depends on what main function you want to do and your budget.
For BMW ISN reading and modifying, CG FC200 ECU programmer is better.
For chip tuning, PCMtuner 1.26 is recommended because it supports virtual reading.

Part 5. PCMtuner FAQs

Q: Hi, please let me know that pcmtuner supports  read write via OBD, ECU &TCU or One of above.? like kess v2

A: Kess V2 just can obd, pcmtuner can support OBD , BENCH , BOOT 3 mode

Q: we see a lot of simos, continental, M.E ETC .. but edc15 level? edc16? edc17? what do you have on bmw vw seat audi porsche? we don't only make hyundai, subaru and this kind of vehicles in france..

A: BMW Mercedes are supported, we suppport most of the medc17
Q: I have version 1.2.0 installed.  There is only Simos 12. Will there be some kind of update so that Simos 18 versions will appear?

A: We will update in future. When haven simos 18, We will infor all

Q: will the program work on windows XP or win7?    

A: WIN 10 is recommended

Q: When I inserted the key, all 67 protocols opened.  When starting PCMflash, a window appears asking you to upgrade to version 1.2.5.  Can I upgrade or not?

A:Don't upgrade to 1.25. We haven't plan do that, Will do in next time, Others simos will come soon.

Q: this pcmtuner is a master version? and will it be possible to do dtc off fap off Adblue off on Renault citroen Peugeot and utility?
A: Yes master , you can modify file

Q: Good morning, I couldn't find out what the serial number is.     


Q: I would be interested if med17.5 is possible via obd write?? Kess clone read no problem but no test to write.

A: Module 48 by obd, 71 bench

Q: Pcmtuner works of course a mev17? Obd or bench
A: Module 71, bench

Q: Bmw edc17c41/50 read and write bench?

A: Hello yes is good no prob pcm correct checksum before write    

Q: if i register and activated my pcmtuner in one pc, i want to install and use it on another pc, do i need register and activate it again in another pc?

A: You need ask us delete your old pic
Q: what shall i provide you to delete it from old pc
A: give us email, and show us your tool, we need confirm you are our legal customer.

Q: It says the dongle is not accessible. How to solve?

If you have updated your dongle to 1.25 and it is not active, uninstall and reinstall the program.  The dongle cannot be updated.  If pcmflash asks for an update, always press no

Q: How to solve the problem: Dongle USB Device Not Found

A: please install Dongle Driver

Q: Error "PCM Tuner and Dongle USB Device Not Found"

A: Disconnect and connect the dongle and pcm tuner.  Pcm Tuner must be connected to electricity and you must have internet

Q: Hello, I can't login vzperformance, the password or the username is wrong, please check for me

A: the VZperformance password can be reset now, please click "I FORGET MY PASSWORD"

Q: Hello, can someone tell me the problem? It works well until today

A:  Re-install scanmatik driver

Q: Win7 system prompts "the system cannot find the file specified" ?


A: Install NET.Framework 4.8, run setup as admin, disable all anti-virus and real-time scans.

Part 6. PCMtuner File Service (Immo off, dtc off, dpf remove, etc.)

1. Read ECU Flash data file by PCMtuner (if only buy PCMtuner dongle, users need to get Flash file by other programmers like Tactrix Openport 2.0、Scanmatik 2 PRO)

2. Send the Flash file to us and attach model, ECU type and requirements (e.g. immo off)
When we verify the payment is finished, we'll handle the file.
3. Once the ECU Flash file is done, we'll send it back to users, and then users write it back to ECU

After-Sale Service

CardiagTool.co.uk After-Sale Warranty Policy
Problem DetailsWarranty TimeTreatmentResponsibility for ChargeRemark
Quality Problemwithin 7 days after receiving the packageBuyer: Submit a message (Mail to sales@cardiagtool.co.uk ) and Return the items to Seller's assigned address by EMS or Post.Return Ship cost: SellerAny costs because of customer's wrong operation lead to return will be responsible by the buyers.
Resend ship cost: Seller
Seller: If can not repair, exchange a new one (Items must be in new condition with original packaging and accessories.)Repair Charge: Seller
Replace Parts Charge: Seller
within 8-14 days after receiving the packageBuyer: Submit a message and Return the items to the assigned address by EMS or Post for repairingReturn Ship cost: Seller
Resend ship cost: Buyer
Seller: If can not repair, exchange a new one (Items must be in new condition with original packaging and accessories.)Repair Charge: Seller
Replace Parts Charge: Seller
within 15 days to 1 year after receiving the packageBuyer: Submit a message and Return the items to the assigned address by EMS or Post for repairingReturn Ship cost: Buyer
Resend ship cost: Buyer
Seller: Repair it.Repair Charge: Seller
Replace Parts Charge: Buyer
Lost in the delivery30 days after shippingBuyer: Submit proof to the sellerNew Product Cost: Seller
Seller: Contact carrier to ask for Claimant and arrange another shipment to the buyerResend Ship Cost: Seller
Customs Problem30 days after shippingBuyer: Finish customs clearance when importCustoms duties or agent fees: Buyer
Seller: Try to help buyer to finish customs clearance but not responsible for this.
Delivery Problems:
broken, incomplete,
wrong address   
within 7 days after receiving the packageBuyer: Report to Seller, and submit Complaint to Carrier (DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, etc..) in 7 days to get a Complaint number and send the number to Seller.After the seller's permit, return the full package in good condition to the assigned address by EMS or Post. Caution: The Carrier will not accept Complaints after 7 days.Return Ship cost: Buyer
Resend ship cost: Buyer
Seller: ask for compensation as per the Complaint number from Carrier, not responsible for any losses after 7 days.Repair Charge: Seller
Replacement Charge: Buyer
Received wrong Itemswithin 3 days after receiving the packageBuyer: Report to Seller, and return the full package in good condition to assigned address by EMS or Post in 3 daysReturn Ship cost: Seller
Seller: Arrange shipment for the correct itemsResend ship cost: Seller
Man-made Damage: such as update machine online, dismantle the equipment, and so onwithin 1 yearBuyer: Report to Seller, and return the items for repairing to assigned address by EMS or Post Return Ship cost: Buyer
Resend ship cost: Buyer
Repair Charge: Buyer
Replacement Charge: Buyer
Note:1. Warranty Policy only protects Main parts. Other parts are out of our warranty policy.
2. Before return, please confirm with us. we will give you a shipping address once confirming the problem. The buyer will be responsible for any risks or costs without our permission.
3. Buyer needs to return the items by cheaper EMS or Post, or we can't get them because of restricting Customs Policy.
4. The Warranty Policy fits for all products except for some products which state the warranty specially in a description.

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