Where to Buy ALL-300 HD Diagnostic Leak Detector for Heavy Duty?

Where to Buy ALL-300 HD Diagnostic Leak Detector for Heavy Duty?

CarDiagTool.co.uk supply you new ALL-300 HD Diagnostic Leak Detector for Heavy Duty.
SMOKE ALL-300 HD is a high pressure diagnostic leak detector for detecting leaks in systems that run at high pressure. 

Reasons to Buy  ALL-300 HD Diagnostic Leak Detector:

1. This tool not ONLY can do half of the work, but also can tell you the cause of  the  fault.
2. Over 60% of the DTCs are pressure related.
3. It increases income per service.
4. It helps reduce labor cost.
5. It enhances capability of more service calls
6. It can ease the pain of finding leaks
7. It is more professional in facing customers

The Specifications of ALL-300 HD Diagnostic Leak Detector:

1.Dual mode support: air mode for test leaks, smoke mode for finding leaks.
2.Instant smoke generation
3.Super easy in operation, only a Start/Stop button.
4.Smart controlled 10 minutes working cycle
5.0~2 bar / 29 Psi variable pressure output
6.Heavy Duty bladder that fits intake/exhaust size from 8cm/3.2” to 20cm/7.9”
7.Dual Heavy Duty bladders equipped, both could be used as block-off.
8.DC 12V/24V auto-adaptive, vehicle battery driven.
Pressure: 0 ~ 2 Bar / 29 Psi Chemical Refill: 50ml
Smoke Flow: 15L/Min Unit Dim.: L22cm x W23cm H29cm
Power Supply: DC 12V/24V Vehicle Battery Delivery Dim.: L36cm x W40cm x H31cm
Air Source: Shop Air  

Package List:

1pc x A1 Diagnostic Leak Detector Main Unit
2pc x H.D.Bladder

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