IKEYCUTTER XC-007 Condor Clamp Cutter installation and user manual

How to use IKEYCUTTER XC-007 Condor Clamp and software from CarDiagTool.co.uk

Cutter installation steps: 

1 Put the cutter into the jacket. 
2 Press and hold "Spindle lock button". 
3 Turn clockwise "Cutter installation knob", "Spindle lock button" will take 
advantage into the positioning hole on spindle; continue turn clockwise until 

Cutter release steps: 

1 Press and hold "Spindle lock button", turn counterclockwise "Cutter 
installation knob" to loosen cutter. 
2 Hold the cutter when loosen it to prevent fallen damage to cutter. 
3 If the cutter chuck tightly, pat down "Cutter installation knob" gently. 

Clamp installation steps: 

1 Turn counterclockwise "Locking wrench" to loosen. 
2 Pull out "Locating pin pull handle". 
3 Push the clamp from the right side of the clamp base, choose corresponding anchor 
point according to the key type. 
4 Turn counterclockwise "Locking wrench" to tighten clamp. 
the cutter tightens. 

Clamp base wiring 

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