Ford VCM 2 V86 VS FORD VCM2 V91

Ford VCM 2 V86 VS FORD VCM2 V91

Recently ,so many customer ask us about FORF VCM 2 V86  VS FORD VCM2 V91 difference and
how to install FORD VCM V91,we will answer you all here:

1 Ford vcm 2 v86 (sp177) and Ford vcm v91(SP177-c),All is for Ford car ecu program till 2013 or 2014,they has same function,but Ford vcm 91 has newer car list.
2 For wifi,SP177 don't have or support WIFI,while SP177-C support WIFI,it need you have WIFI card youself.
3 For installtion,SP177 is much easy and low computer request,so if you don't remind version,we advise you choose SP177 V86.They both need XP system computer to install.

Next ,we talk about How to install FORD VCM2 V91

V91 has high request on computer
1 first,you need find one XP system computer which never install any ford vcm before.
if you install on these computer,it will expired after 3 days.we have solution for this,we have a frozen software ,but once you install this software,your computer never install with other software more.
2 after you install frozen software,it will also tell you expired,just change the computer time to 3 days before,it can be used again

Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.       

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