Best Kess V2 V2.15 Firmware V4.036

Best Kess V2 V2.15 Firmware V4.036

Use KESS For:

1. Check of the battery voltage in real-time
2. Full Recovery function in case of problems
3. Automatic correction of the Checksum, (where available)
4. Boot-Loader mode supported
5. Management of the programming counters
6. Scan Tool function to remove DTC
7. Several options of reading/writing speed
8. Option to write full file/section of the map
9. Full integration with ECM Titanium, which means it can work with ECM Titanium perfectly

Why it is best quality?
1 SE87-D is best quality ,you can see it from its price
it is newest one ,and more easy for use,main unit is also with best chips in.

New KESS V2 add one renew button on the main unit. This button is used to charge tokens. Once your tokens run over, just click this button, then tokens will go back to 30 tokens. You can go on to use it again. No need change new tokens chip, no need desolder and program the tokens chip. More easily than ever.

V2.15 KESS V2 Software Display:

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