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Product Description

Super VAG K+CAN can be used to read Security Access Code, key programmer, airbag reset tool, TV Activation and diagnostic for VW Passat, VW, VW Bora, VW Polo, VW Golf, Audi A6, Audi A8, Audi A4, Skoda Superb, Skoda Octavia, Skoda Fabia vehicles.
Super VAG K+CAN V4.6

Language: English/ Spanish/ Italian/ Portuguese/ Greek 
Software version: V4.6

Super VAG K+CAN can be used to airbag reset tool,TV Activation and diagnostic for VW Passat,VW,VW Bora,VW Polo,VW Golf,Audi A6,Audi A8,Audi A4,Skoda Superb,Skoda Octavia,Skoda Fabia vehicles.It can not update till now,otherwise will be blue screen.

Pls notice:This tool cannot do VAG KM or mileage,if you want this function,you can try on SM47 digiprog 4.94.
For vag key program,you can try on FVDI VAG or VVDI


- support Comprehensive model, support the great majority of VW,Audi,Skoda model.

- suport Comprehensive Anti-theft System,such as IMMO1,IMMO2,IMMO3,WFS ,ect.

- support K-Lines Can BUS cables

- used 32-bit processor, the computing power and the compatibility more stronger

- big flash volume , support the cpu extend,can be last upgrade

- high screen Resolution,richer information

- suport system checked, can be checked the error online

- upgrade easy and fast,support online upgrade

- Man-machine interface more friendly, more convenient operation, easy to learn and use support system since the detection,online check system failures

- Input convenience, use of multi-function digital keyboard, supports digital Shortcuts

Airbag resetting

1C0 909 605 C, 8L0 959 655 A, 1J0 909 609, 6Q0 909 605 C,6Q0 909 605 A, 6Q0
909 605 B, 3B0 959 655 B,1C0 909 605 F, 1C0 909 605 H, 1J0 909 607, 1J0 909
603, 4B0 959 655 C, 4B0 959 655 J, 4D0 959 655 C,8L0 959 655 F8A0 959 655 C,
8A0 959 655 K, 8A0 959 655 K, 4D0 959 655 H, 8D0 959 655 C, 8D0 959 655 L


Support all of VW, Audi, Seat, and Skada vehicles till 2008.

Package List:

1pc x SUPER VAG PLUS 2.0 Main Unit
1pc x Audi 2x2 Adapter
1pc x OBD2 Cable
1pc x USB Cable

Customer share:

What are the differences between Super vag k+can V4.6 and Super vag k+can plus 2.0(SV39)?
1. Super VAG K+CAN V4.6 is better for cars that support K-line protocol.
2. Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0 is better for cars that support CAN protocol.
3. Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0 support change mileage for the newer car models, while Super VAG K+CAN V4.6 support change mileage for the older car models.
4. Super VAG V4.6 just can do cars beofe 2006,it is supposed to work with old VAG cars, can not support new cars while Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0 just can do cars after 2007,and please note it is not suitable for Audi

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Software Download

Super VAG K+CAN V4.6 user manual

Q1: How can I update the V4.6 to V4.8?
A1: Sorry, it can not update now. Once update, it will cause a blue screen.
Q2: Does the super Vag k+CAN V4.6 can read the read live data on 2002 Seat Ibiza?
A2:Yes. In theory, it can do. You can have a try. But we recommend you to use the VAS 5054a.
Q3: I want to buy the Vag k+CAN V4.6 to change the mileage of my toyota 2011. Can this tool do my car?
A3: Sorry to tell you that it can not. You need to use the digimaster3to do your car.
Q4: If the Vag k+CAN can reset the Service Due Indicator of 2011 Audi A4?
A4: Sorry, it can not.
Q5: If  the Super VAG K CAN V4.6 can change the mileage of the VW Touaran 2007?
A5: Sorry, it can not do.
Q6: How to slove the SV03 Super VAG K-CAN 4.8 "Operate Fail (56) error?
A6: The error message showed that the communication failed.
Q7: Can the Super VAG K+CAN V4.6 do the service light/ service reset of Audi?
A7: Sorry, I suggest you to use the VAS 5054A to do.
Q8: I can not use the Super VAG K CAN V4.6 to do my Audi A4 B5 from 1998 and Polo 6R from 2011. Can you tell me why this happened?
A8: This tool is not very good for the Audi cars. If you use it on Audim it is very easy to break the tool.
The Difference between SV03-Super Vag V4.6 and SV39 2.0:
SV03-Super Vag V4.6:it can do cars beofe 2007.
SV39 2.0:it can do cars after 2007,and please note this is not suitable for Audi

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