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YANHUA CKM100 2015V Car Key Master Unlimited Tokens Update online IC/CPU

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Product Description

YANHUA CKM100 Car Key Master is original universal key programmer made in china with very stable and powerful function.CKM100 with unlimited tokens and copy and program keys for BMW ,benz ,VW,Audi ,Seat,Hyundai,Kia and Porsche till 2014.CKM100 can works better in BMW with yanhua bmw key.You cannot miss this good tool!
YANHUA CKM100 Car Key Master Add new BMW CAS4 +Unlimited Tokens Update online IC/CPU


1.Original from Yanhua
2.Language: English
3.Update: Update Online
4.No Token Limited
5.Support Car List:
BMW ,benz ,VW,Audi ,Seat,Hyundai,Kia and Porsche (see attachment)
Benz before 2009 year
BMW Till to CAS4
6. Operating System: Windows XP & Win 7
CKM 100 Car Key Master, CKM100 Car Key Master with Unlimited Tokens

7. CKM100 support BMW CAS4 function,but you need buy SK125 and SK125-S alone.

Update information:
CKM100 ?newly addes all key lost key programming for BMW CAS4+
Version :1.9.1504.08 (2015-4-9)
1 BMW 1 series F20 (2011-) CAS4+ car key programming
2 BMW 5 series F10/F11/F18 (2010-)CAS4+ car key programming
3 BMW 5 series GT F07 (2010-) CAS4+ car key programming
4 BMW 6 series F12/F13 (2011-) CAS4+ car key programming
5 BMW 7 series F0X (2008-)CAS4+ car key programming
6 BMW X1 (2010-)CAS4+ car key programming
7 BMW X3 F25 (2011-)CAS4+ car key programming
Added BMW encrypted CAS3+ key programming with CAS BDM:
1 X5(E70) 9S12XDP512
2 X6(E71) 9S12XDP512
3 1series 9S12XDP512
4 3series 9S12XDP512
5 5series 9S12XDP512
6 6series 9S12XDP512
7 9S12XDG512 OL15Y

CKM-100 Description:
CKM-100 Car Key Master is developed by YanHua and is used by 1 users of Software Informer. The most popular version of this product among our users is 1.8.Multi-functions: Integrate functions such as key information reading, data calculating, and key programming and is applicable to both old and new models for BENZ and BMW.
Support K&CAN line: Car Key Master can be operated via OBD socket, CAN or K line on many models without disassembly.Easy operation: Graphical workflow makes it easier for your operation.
CKM-100 Features:
1. Multi-functions: Integrate functions such as key information reading, data calculating, and key programming and is applicable to both old and new models for BENZ and BMW.
2. Support K&CAN line: Car Key Master can be operated via OBD socket, CAN or K line on many models without isassembly.
3· Stylish sports car appearance: Streamlined design, small and lightweight which give customers a whole new experience.
4 · Easy operation: Graphical workflow makes it easier for your operation.
5· Innovative payment methods --- Pay as you go!
6· High security of G3 platform: Besides web-orient, USB communication and online update, our G3 (the third generation) platform is especially featured by its high security: hardware anti-cracking and software anti-copying, adopting IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm) for registration, upgrade and payment.
For Mercedes-Benz series:
1.Integrate functions of key information reading, data calculating and key writing.
2.Unlock and program ESL by K line.
3.Program the new version ESL of NEC CPU directly.
5.Program DME with 29F400/29F800 directly, no need to synchronize with other ECU.
6.Support YH BZ Key.
7.Program YH BZ Key by IR.
8.Repairing the flash CPU of 908 series cost only 7 minutes, while other tools cost at least 30-40 minutes.

For BMW Series:

New update add function(2014-10-26) :
1 bmw 1 series F20 (2011-) CAS4 +key copy
2 BMW 5 series F10/F11/F18 (2010- ) CAS4 +key copy
3 BMW 5 series GT F07 (2010- ) CAS4 +key copy
4 BMW 6 series F12/F13 (2011-) CAS4 +key copy
5 BMW 7 series F0X(2008-) CAS4 +key copy
6 BMW X1 (2010-)CAS4 +key copy
7 BMW X3 F25 (2011-) CAS4 +key copy

New update add function(2014-6-14):
1.Support EWS 1/2/3/4, CAS 1/2/3/5.
2.Program EWS 2/3 by K line.
3.CAS 1/2/3 read data and program by OBD2.
4.CAS 1/2/3 can read data offline and program by CAS CAN.
5.Unlock and program 7943/7944.
6.Support YH BM7 and M5/3 Key.

Support Vehicles:
Benz Series:
Benz S CLASS (W140 W220)
Benz CL CLASS (W215)
Benz SL CLASS (R230)
Benz E CLASS (W210 W211)
Benz CLK CLASS (R230)
Benz CLS CLASS (W219)
Benz C CLASS (W202 W203)
Benz ML CLASS (W163)
BMW Series:
BMW 1/3/5/6/X (E87.E90.E91.E92.E60.E61.E63.E70.E71) series black shell
BMW 1/3/5/6/X (E87.E90.E91.E92.E60.E61.E63.E64.E70.E71) series black shell CAS 3/3+
BMW 7 series E65, E66, CAS
Power supply: 12V 2.5A
New Function:
read CAS remote control frequency
added the new funcation of backup/restore EEPROM data of odometer for the following car model:
a.VW Sagitar -2009
b.VW Scirocco 2008-2009
c.VW 2009- (NEC+24C32)
d.VW 2009- (NEC+24C6)
e.VW 2009- (NEC+95320)
g.Skoda 2007-2010
h.Skoda Fabia 2009-(NEC+24C32)
i. Audi TT (-2009)
Newly added some chip read/write:
a.MC9S12XEEP100 EEPROM/Flash
b.MC9S12XDP512 EEPROM/Flash
newly added some IMMO key matching:
a.VW Touareg 2011-
b.Audi A4 2009-
c.Audi A5 2009-
d.Audi Q5 2009
e.Audi A6L 2012-
f.Audi A7 2011-
g.Audi A8 2012-
h.BMW 1 Series F20 (2011-)
i.BMW 5 Series F10/F11/F18 (2010-)
j.BMW 5 Series GT F07 (2010-)
k.BMW 6 Series F12/F13 (2011-)
l.BMW 7 Series F0x (2008-)
m.BMW X1(2010-)
n.BMW X3 F25 (2011-)

Customer share:
Q:what's the id and password for ckm100 please ?
A:Please follow the instruction to register the name and passwrod http://www.autoecu.com.cn ,
Q:What is the difference about NXP Adapter and BAV in .CKM car Key Master ? ,the functon is same or not ?
A:NXP Adapter do BMW ,BAV Can do 5th VAG BMW
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Software Download

YANHUA CKM100 update,ckm100 function,CKM100 Add new BMW CAS4 +Unlimited Tokens 2014.10 Update online IC/CPU
Difference of BMW CAS AK300,CKM100 Car Key Master, Digimaster 3,BMW Multi Tool V7.3 

CKM100 update website :www.autoecu.com.cn
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